Picture of the front cover and spine of Enter Sir Robert

Cover notes from Enter Sir Robert, a Barsetshire novel by Angela Thirkell. It was first published in 1955.

Mrs. Thirkell’s latest Barsetshire book might be called “A Novel without a Hero”, for her heroine, the youngest daughter of our old friend Lady Graham, though she has many admirers, is quite unconscious of them. Readers will welcome news of the large Leslie family and be glad to know that the worthy Margot Phelps is safely married to her worthy market-gardener.

There is a short excursion into East Barsetshire, which may provide a bridegroom some day, but otherwise the action (if we may call it that) takes place mostly at Hatch End and Little Misfit, known to all Barsetshire lovers.

Image copy of the dust jacket synopsis

There is also hope that Sir Robert Graham, who has been so often mentioned but never seen, may make a belated appearance, and those who remember Lady Emily Leslie’s dreadful French maid, Conque, will rejoice to meet her again and find her more odious than ever.

Jacket designed by Patricia Davey

The text on this page is taken from the dust jacket of Enter Sir Robert, by Angela Thirkell. The book was published in 1955 by publishers Hamish Hamilton who have since become part of Penguin Random House.






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