Dust jacket of Angela Thirkell's novel, High Rising

Cover notes from the 1933 novel High Rising, by Angela Thirkell.

The book was the first in a long running series of Thirkell novels based in Anthony Trollope’s fictional Barsetshire.

MRS. THIRKELL had already made a considerable reputation with her book of reminiscences, Three Houses, when she delighted thousands of novel readers with Ankle Deep, a book as original as it was amusing.

In High Rising Mrs. Thirkell has rung the bell again. She has written a novel in which the characters are perhaps less fatuous but certainly no less amusing than they were in Ankle Deep. The dialogue is as humorous as ever; and in Tony the author has created one of the best small boys we have met in fiction. Tony by himself would ensure many friends for High Rising.

A stark statement from publishers Hamish Hamilton in 1933

Picture of the flyleaf of the novel High Rising

We confidently recommend this novel to anyone who finds the year 1933 depressing and the outlook worse. It is not intended for those principally interested in the Meaning of Life or the Decline of Civilization.

It is intended for those who seek diversion in a disillusioned world.

The text on this page is taken from the dust jacket of High Rising, by Angela Thirkell. The book was published in 1933 by publishers Hamish Hamilton who have since become part of Penguin Random House.






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