Books By Angela Thirkell

Three Houses, 1931.
Oxford University Press. Memoir of three houses in which she grew up. Reprinted by Moyer Bell 1998, Allison & Busby 2012.

Ankle Deep 1933
Reprinted by Guild Books 1949, Moyer Bell 1996.

High Rising 1933

Wild Strawberries 1934

Trooper to the Southern Cross 1934
Published under the pseudonym Leslie Parker.

The Demon in the House 1934

O These Men, These Men! 1935

The Grateful Sparrow 1935
A children’s book with illustrations by 19th century German artist Ludwig Richter.

The Fortunes of Harriette: the Surprising Career of Harriette Wilson 1936
The Regency courtesan who caused the Duke of Wellington to say ‘publish and be damned’.

August Folly 1936

Coronation Summer 1937
Set in 1837, the year of Queen Victoria’s Coronation.

Summer Half 1937

Pomfret Towers 1938

The Brandons 1939

Before Lunch 1939

Cheerfulness Breaks In 1940

Northbridge Rectory 1941

Marling Hall 1942

Growing Up 1943

The Headmistress 1944

Miss Bunting 1945

Peace Breaks Out 1946.

Private Enterprise 1947

Love Among the Ruins 1948

The Old Bank House 1949

County Chronicle 1950

The Duke’s Daughter 1951

Happy Returns 1952

Jutland Cottage 1953

What Did It Mean 1954

Enter Sir Robert 1955

Never Too Late 1956

A Double Affair 1957

Close Quarters 1958

Love At All Ages 1959

Three Score and Ten 1961
Published posthumously, the book was written by Angela Thirkell up to chapter 5, and completed by her friend, the film critic C A Lejeune.

Christmas at High Rising 2013
A collection of short stories and one essay previously published in magazines.