Thirkell eBooks – new titles

Exciting news that publisher Open Road Media has released 11 Thirkell titles as eBooks.

Thirkell eBooks - Happy Returns

Titles in the series are Private Enterprise, The Duke’s Daughter, Happy Returns, What Did It Mean?, Enter Sir Robert, Never Too Late, A Double Affair, Close Quarters, Love at All Ages, Three Score and Ten, and The Demon In The House.

These are in addition to the Virago Modern Classics re-issues of Love Among the Ruins and The Old Bank House, scheduled for March 7th 2024, which will be available as eBooks, audiobooks and (an old-fashioned favourite) paperback editions.

There are many Thirkell eBooks are already available, and from March 7th only three will be missing – O These Men, These Men!, the illustrated children’s book The Grateful Sparrow, and The Fortunes of Harriette.

Thirkell eBooks - The Demon in the House

Of course, secondhand copies of Angela Thirkell’s books are always available from the society at very reasonable prices.

Some reviews from the Open Media website:

Close Quarters: “It is in [Mrs. Macfadyen’s] fitful remembrance, quiet loneliness and gentle acceptance, that one realizes her author’s sense of the poetry in life, and her sympathetic ear for the nuances of pain.” The New York Times
A Double Affair: “[Thirkell’s] talent for easy, light characterization does not seem to be flagging.” The Times Literary Supplement
What Did it Mean?: “The Thirkell wit presides with tongue-rolling malice.” The New York Times
Enter Sir Robert: “Where Trollope would have been content to arouse a chuckle, [Thirkell] is constantly provoking us to hilarious laughter. . . . To read her is to get the feeling of knowing Barsetshire folk as well as if one had been born and bred in the county.” Kirkus Reviews

Angela Thirkell eBook - Three Score and Ten

Happy Returns: “Her writing celebrates the solid parochial English virtues of stiff-upper-lippery, good-sportingness,[and] dislike of fuss. . . . Light, witty, easygoing books.” The New Yorker
Love at All Ages: “Thirkell’s gently meandering account of the diversions of Barsetshire society leaves nothing to be desired.” —New York Herald Tribune
Never Too Late: “Here are the familiar cross-county conversations, the disentangling of relationships, the good pieces of meddling and the criticisms and comments that embroider this ever-unfolding panorama of English life.” Kirkus Reviews
Three Score and Ten:  “‘Triumphantly completed’ by Angela Thirkell’s close friend C. A. Lejeune after Thirkell’s death, Three Score and Ten features a host of new and old friends from the author’s acclaimed series spanning decades of English country life”. The New York Times

We hope that the easy availability of these republished titles will attract new readers to a wonderfully witty, wise and entertaining author.






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