New editions from Virago

Thirkell new editions from Virago - Love Among The Ruins.

Good news for collectors of the Virago Modern Classics editions of the Barsetshire novels, with new editions of Angela Thirkell’s “Love Among the Ruins” and “The Old Bank House” planned for publication in 2024.

This choice of titles means that “Private Enterprise” has been either passed over or forgotten, and we’re waiting for an update from Virago about this curious omission. Although the books can be read in isolation, if readers are following the characters’ stories and development they’ll find bemusing comments and asides, especially in “Love Among the Ruins”, concerning Noel Merton.

I’m happy to reassure readers that Noel was thoughtless and misguided, but not vicious. However, to be sure you understand the plots fully you have until March to catch up with “Private Enterprise”.

Thirkell new editions from Virago - The Old Bank House.

The Angela Thirkell Society has secondhand copies of “Private Enterprise” (as well as all the novels – and more), in various editions, all at low prices. Please message the Society using the contact form to let us know what you’re looking for.

The covers for the new Thirkell editions are, as usual, a delight, and suit the books admirably. Such skill shouldn’t go unrecognised, so if you’re interested in cover art take a look at Garry Walton’s portfolio. Garry is the creator of the VMC edition covers, with art direction from Charlotte Stroomer at Little, Brown.

The covers will certainly stand out on book shop shelves. It’s to be hoped that the colourful and eye catching designs will attract new readers to Angela Thirkell’s Barsetshire, and then on to her “other” books as a natural progression.

Virago Modern Classics has previously published Angela Thirkell’s Barsetshire novels from “High Rising” to “Peace Breaks Out” in paperback, and many can be found as audiobooks or for Kindle from the usual outlets.

“Love Among the Ruins” and “The Old Bank House” will be available from March 7th 2024.






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